Released April 2010 / 2.4, 2.53 GHz Core i5 or 2.66, 2.8 GHz Core i7 Processors

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Strange Hardware Summary on Ebay, buy or not?


I´m selling the new Apple MacBook Pro 15.4 Zoll , 2.4 GHz i5 , 320 Gb.

Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5

4GB 1066 MHz DDR3 - SDRAM

320 GB HDD Serial ATA

NVIDIA GeForce GT330m with 256 DDR3-SDRAM

Warranty Apple Care 2 Years

Approx Battery Time per session: 9 Hours"

I found this description on Ebay , to me it sounds strange cause there is no such combination of hardware on the Mac Store:

why is this system so different and should i get the system , for 1226 $ ?

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As far as eBay goes, if your gut isn't quite feeling right about something you're better off not getting it. While it may be a perfectly good computer, even favorable to standard mac configurations, you know nothing about the quality of work performed on the modifications.

A used computer is much like a car, except you don't know how many "miles" are on it. When there's non-standard equipment and it's for sale on an auction website like eBay, you have to wonder if something went wrong with it.

Again, it may be a perfectly good computer, and it may be exactly what you're looking for, but if someone doesn't sound quite right about it, you're best off waiting for something that's less risky.


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However: that computer may be an older model than is currently offered. I'm not positive, but that may have been a standard configuration from last year: which is why you aren't able to configure a new MBP to match it.


The description fits this machine:

Apple MacBook Pro "Core i5" 2.4 15" Mid-2010 Specs

Identifiers: Mid-2010 15" - MC371LL/A - MacBookPro6,2 - A1286 - 2353*


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