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Stuck on startup after software update.

Well let me start by saying im a novist do it youself computer guy. So here's my problem my macbook was running flawlessy since i bought it in late 2009. I recently performed a normal software update and was plugged into power supply. It looked like it was going smoothly up until the restart, it never came on and stayed stuck on the gray apple logo. The cursor was in a shape of box about the size of the gray apple on the screen. I waited and waited and nothing. I researched this on the web and found that I could have had corrupted files in my HDD so I went out and got a new one. Installed it and partioned it and got it working, at last my macbook was fixed! But after loading the OS I went and did the same thing again and updated the software and it happend all OVER AGAIN. At this point im very frustrated and lost. After talking to an "expert" he thinks cpu chip is bad otherwise known as the processor. Please any input would be greatly appreciated I just would like to know if anyone has experienced this and has a solution for this annoyance! Thanks in advance.

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I tried reinstalling the OS with reboot disk and is not doing anything at this point. I got it to work only when I installed the new HDD but now the new HDD is doing the same thing as my original hard drive. I bought the warranty and can exchange it for a new one but im afraid the same thing will happen. I really wish it was as easy as popping in the disc and doing a hard restart, but really it does nothing, I even tried the control v and s feature and gets nowhere. A black screen comes out with words and then it just freezes, I can type anything all I can do is restart it.

Last part of my last comment correction" can't type anything".

yes you have to diagnose you system with restore dvd by holding d key.


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Start up from your original system installation disk by inserting the disk and restarting holding down the "D" key. This will put you into diagnostic mode. Run it and let us know the results.


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If your keyboard isn't working, try an external keyboard.

Okay but first i have to replace my HDD again (covered under warranty at Comp USA) then reinstall it. That was the only way I was able to get it to read the install disc. Then I will definately try the Diagnostics on it. Will keep you updated. Thank you!


Load the restore installation disc that came with your mac in your mac, reboot while holding down the option(ALT) key. restore your system.


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nothing wrong with your macbook. just buy a new lion or snow leopard dvd from the store or you have the restore dvds . Do a fresh installation in your macbook by doing repartion of you hdd. it will resolve your problem ..


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He just did that.



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