Alcatel 7 will not find music

I have an Alcatel 7, which wasn't an option in the list of devices, so sorry for putting the wrong one. I put about 475 songs (Some MP3, some WMA), all from CDs I ripped to my laptop. But for some reason it will only show/scan about 40 of them. I've tried numerous different music player apps, scanning apps, like FX scanner, and I've also removed the .nomedia files from the music and folders leading to the music, and also turned my phone off and back on several times. It's been like this for about 4 months and I've been looking and looking on the internet trying to find answers to it but I can't :/ I've deleted them and redownloaded them several times aswell to try to get it to find the music but it still only scans the same 40 songs. And I have tried both putting them on the SD card and internal memory and it still won’t find them. Please help, as this is very frustrating. Thank you!

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