Second battery replacement provided by IFIXIT is acting weird again

Hello guys,

I recently posted a question where the first replacement sent by IFIXIT did not work the first time and asked for a second replacement. Now, a the second one was sent to me and I installed it, but now this one will act worse and it will not hold charge at all. Even the battery will take up to 10+ hours to charge. I really do not know what to do, I did all the steps they asked me for. Nothing was damaged with the glue remover and everything went smooth. Does anybody have an idea what the flies is going on? Please send anything my way.

For reference, Coconut Battery looked fine and it showed no issues at all. The battery seems to be recognized.

Thank you guys!!

Daniel Mazariego

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".....will not hold charge at all". So is it the battery malfunctioning or is the battery being drained while turned off? One test I would run would be to hookup the ammeter section of a multimeter to the battery while the computer was shut down and the charger unplugged to measure for any current leakage caused by damaged components or improper installation/re-assembly. Visual inspections while a necessary primary requirement for troubleshooting electronic equipment don't necessarily mean that no problems exist. Another test you may want to try is charging the battery and then entirely disconnecting it from the computer. Put your multimeter on an appropriate voltage setting and leave it for a period of time (overnight for example) to see if there is a big drop in voltage level. If there is, that is a good indication that the battery is faulty but it is not an indication that it was faulty upon delivery to your location. Just a couple of thoughts to consider. :-)


Hi Daniel!

If you try more troubleshooting steps and find that you're still unable to resolve the issue, please feel free to contact iFixit Customer Support via as they're always happy to assist with any warranty issues you may encounter.