How to separate MUSIC MP3 files from MP3 RINGTONE files in Galaxy S5?


I’ve tried other online solutions to separate my MUSIC MP3 files from my MP3 RINGTONE files on my microSD card in my Samsung Galaxy S5 but cannot. If I tap “Google Play Music” ALL MP3 files on the card are displayed AND played. Created folders marked “Ringtones” and moved all MP3 ringtones there. THEN created another folder “Music” and moved all MUSIC MP3s THERE. NO change. Android 6.0.5 STILL combines all MP3s no matter what I try.

Suggestions? Thanks, with my FULL appreciation,


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FWIW, I just Googled with the following search phrases:

"how to prevent ringtone mp3's from showing in song list?" "google play music"

While no direct hits on those exact phrases were returned, the address I posted above was one of the first of many that appeared to address this issue. You might might want to search yourself for any further additional options or suggestions. :-)