High fans, slowness, and no battery detection

MacBook Pro 2010 will not power up unless connected to MagSafe.

Once connected, MagSafe turns green. Takes forever to start up and is extremely slow. Fans start blazing and once you get to desktop there is no battery detection.

Have tried resetting PRAM and SMC, and it has not fixed the problem.

Not sure if the SMC is actually being reset. How can I get battery detection back and stop the fans? The kernel task goes crazy taking up 90 % of system

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It sounds like you are facing a few different issues here. The first is the battery may need replacement the second is you have a sensor which is preventing the system from working at full clocking. SMC will put the system in CPU Safe Mode when it senses a thermal or voltage problem.

Lets run diagnostics. Restart your system holding the D key do you get an error message with an error code let us know what you discover.

To check the battery install this gem of an app CoconutBattery take a snapshot of the main window and post it here for us to see 在已经存在的问题里加入图片