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looking for reasonably priced Canned Air lots

The prices for canned air are just out of hand to me. Does anyone know where I can get reasonably priced air, like six cans at a time. Last time I bought some they checked my ID, and said kids were getting high on it, and then they taxed it - AIR. What's next, bottled water? Remember drinking water out of the end of the hose?



Received my case (12 - 8 oz) of air yesterday. 8 days from order date http://www.supercannedair.com/ The gas does not stink. Total cost $$3.05 per can. Looks like I have found my supplier!

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Nice question. I will look around. I need some myself. I am actually thinking about getting a couple of cases of it the way the laws are going. Technically most of it is not "air". It is R 134A refrigerant. Why kids would want to inhale that is beyond me, yet a well documented problem.

gee you guys are posh..fancy being able to afford canned air! and water from a hose pipe... we have to pay the government for ours! ;-)

i know it's what you use but is there not a reusable, more sustainable option than canned air??? can you not get an air compressor that could be used, sort of like the garages have for tyres? what amount of psi are you wanting?

This popped up while I was doing a search for Canned Air & lots. The price sure seems good. Anyone ever used it: http://www.supercannedair.com/

The kicker seems to be $14 shipping, but it still looks like $3.00 per 10 oz can delivered. Any thoughts?



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ebay is my friend....http://cgi.ebay.com/BLOW-OFF-DUSTER-12-P...

and the smaller ones http://cgi.ebay.com/12-Max-Blow-Off-1229...


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I bought a case of Blow Off about ten years ago. It was OK if you took it outside, but it really stinks.


Hello Richard, I use canned air so seldom I forget what I paid for it but use a product called CleanSafe which does the job for me. I'm including a link to their website for your perusal. I hope you find what your looking for. Ralph + http://www.iqproducts.com/dust_ideas


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Thanks, Ralph, Amazon has it at $5.89 for 10 oz


What about a small air compressor you would use for an airbrush mayer? Ive thrown this idea around for awhile, but havent took the plunge yet... You can get one fairly cheap at harbor freight.


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I did that for a while but the problem is portability. For the big blow outs I need to take it outside. But I also need just a few puffs at times.

At harbor freight they have this can that can be filled with liquid and you use your air compressor/tire pump to pressurize the can. It isnt the most ideal set up, but could prove to be valuable if you have more than one of them set up.

Hector - I'm not trying to blow liquids. How is this relevant?

The thing is, you dont have to use it with liquid. You can just pressurize it and use it as is.


Don't buy canned air. One of my best investments into my repair shop is a portable plug in air blower, and BONUS, it is made in The U.S.A.

I do a $9.95 clean out service, for pc's, and it has paid for itself in 4 months 20+ times over. It's great for blowing out any system before dragging it into your shop too.

Warning! Don't stick on the fine tip nozzle and blow straight onto motherboards, the first time I used it I blew off 3-4 capacitors. <really>



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A nice alternative to stinky gas cans

yeah, mayer, and it's a one-time investment. That blower is like the big bad wolf compared to a can of air that's like a smurf sneeze. No condensation either.

Btw, anyone reading this, check that Amazon link above for the Metro Vac, scroll down and watch the video. It will 'blow' you away ~ pun intended.

My blower paid for itself again today. Worked on 4 laptops, all just clogged up airflow. $280 earned today, not counting past uses, not bad for a $60 investment. It would have taken 4 cans of air-n-the-can to remove half the dust from one of the laptops.

Btw, compressed air <pfft>, blow $6 on a can and get at most about 4psi and condensation vs $60 for an ac powered, filtered system that blows around 300psi with the small nozzle on.

I'll have to wait till I finish the case I got ;-)



Best place I've found is Costco, they come in packs of 6 i think and it was the cheapest place last time I bought any. Only problem is you need to be a member to get into Costco, so unless you're a member or you have a friend who is a member, i guess this won't be much help! I'll keep my eye open as I'm running low as well.


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you also have to have one around you

ah, that would be helpful i guess!



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