(Vizio M220VA) Is this look like a TV or motherboard issue?

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This TV has done this before, but only now have I captured it acting up. This tends to happen after I leave the notebook be for a while and the display sleeps, but when I wake up the computer this happens.

It clears up when I turn the TV on and off again, so I do not know if it’s a driver board issue (AFAIK the T-CON is integrated on these TVs) or the panel in the TV is bad.

It could also be the motherboard is failing, since I have a dual GPU E6540. These have known issues per the Dell Community forum and I’m not alone in having thermal issues since I have the affected 4810MQ variant, which has known heat issues. Maybe the GPU is in the process of cooking itself to death and it’s only a matter of time. The GPU isn't the most stable thing ever on these laptops either. If it's the motherboard I'm not even going to be mad since it lasted 5 years for me based on a 7 year platform with established failure points.

As of now, I don’t any native HDMI displays. The only “HDMI capable” display I own is a Gateway HX2000 with a DVI to HDMI.

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