TV will turn on for a while and if powered on will not turn back on

Alright, i have a 32” Vizio M322i-B1 and it has a very strange issue. It will turn on and act normal enough for mabye 20 ish minutes then random artifacts appear on the screen then it will turn off. If i try to turn it back on after that the screen will not turn on but the white power light will turn on. To get the screen to turn on i need to leave it unplugged for 4 hours then it will do that same act normal for 20 minutes. Even stranger is if i turn it on then off it will only do the power light and no image.

heres what ive done so far.

I have tested the flashlight test and i can confirm when it’s only the power light on there is no image

i have also replaced the power board with a known working power board and still have the same problem.

Any help would be very appreciated i’m quite stumped

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