iPad Pro unresponsive touchscreen due to machine learning?


iPad Pro touchscreen becomes unresponsive at times problem: ignores swipes, and even keyboard taps.

The problem is most likely a mix of static buildup and accidental input rejection algorithms.

As algorithms ‘learn’ your taps and swipe habits, the occasional spurious static electricity confuses the learning algorithm and the mistake gets fed back into the model. As you continue to use your iPad, the model accumulates learned mistakes and eventually starts to ignore normal swipes and taps.

Hard reset (hold Home+Sleep button) alleviates the issues temporarily suggesting the problem is software related. Limiting refresh rate, helps temporarily as well. These problems seem to appear more frequently on larger, 120hz devices due to necessarily more aggressive accidental/spurious input rejection.

Hopefully, Apple should be able to address this via software update by providing model reset toggle, or even better by dialing the aggressiveness down.

The static electricity problem seems more pronounced in high humidity, but this is anecdotal.

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