My Phone won't charge or turn on

A while ago, my charging port was broken so I took it in to get repaired. The charging port was fixed but in the process, my headphone jack was broken so all my music played out loud even with the headphones in. A week after I got my phone back, I found that it wouldn’t charge, even though it said it was charging. The charge kept going down while in the charger. It finally turned off and I haven’t been able to turn it on or charge it. I thought it was the charger at fault so I brought the original but it still wouldn’t work. I have also tried to reset it but that wouldn’t work either. I have no idea what’s wrong with it so I don’t know what I should try to fix. Help please.

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Bummer of a repair shop, huh?

I'm not entirely certain how the charge port is wired but I believe they go through a charge controller chip which would be responsible for stopping the charge when the battery is full. What was wrong with the charge port before taking it to the repair shop?