No Power - Brand New Powerboard - Please Help!

Hi there, I've asked a series of questions about my Sanyo DP50747 TV. Here is my latest one.

My TV had 2 problems:

#1 Wouldn't power on.

#2 Before it wouldn't power on, it previously woudn't show any picture

I took it in to a TV repair shop and they said it was both the powerboard and the main board. After months of searching I finally procured both parts, BRAND NEW.

Today I stuck them in the TV. These parts are IDENTICAL to the ones that I took out, so there is no part no. discrepancies or anything like that.

However, after I put it all back together again, I press the power button (and tried the power button on the remote) and this is what happens.

>>The little green light on the outside of the chassis turns on and then after around 10 seconds turns off.

>> The powerboard clicks a couple times

>> The control board (underneath the main board) has 4 little lights on it that turn on for 1-2 seconds and then turn off.

I'm rather disheartened right now as the parts were around $200, and not too much has changed.

Any suggestions? Am I missing something obvious? Help is muchly appreciated!

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