Why is my freezer hot and cold

I defrosted my fridge freezer (indesit) yesterday cleaned inside and out. Even the back where the elements are as this is the only place you can get into all other parts are sealed. Once I defrosted it i switched it back on and sincethen myfridge freezer is freezing up then it's defrosting. My food is starting to defrost. Help anyone?

Update (07/07/2019)

Yes Tony it's an indesit Ca55 UK

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hey fopey ducker. love that handle, by the way. you got a model number on that frig?


downloaded the manual for this appliance and have to admit I've not seen one of these and it's system is not familiar, within my experience. but from what I can tell, it looks like you may want to try lowering the setting on the temperature regulator/control.

the manual also says if it's too warm inside you may have damaged door seals, or too much food in the frig, or you're in and out of the frig too often. I don't think I'd ever buy one of these. Good luck.


Okay I will probably be getting a new one and your right i won't be buying this make again. A few people have said the same as you have. Thanks for your help make