MBP 13" mid 2012 screen light up only without the glass

Hi, I changed my Macbook pro 2012 13” LCD screen some days ago; it looked all went okay, but when i booted up the screen it didn’t light up. After removing the screen again and re assembling it without glass it worked.

Substantially the screen doesn’t work with the glass on it; I also tried a SMC reset but I think i didnt managed to do it, in fact the keyboard light is always on. Is it possible I damaged the light sensor? Is the glass the problem? For the SMC reset is it necessary to remove the battery or it is ok to only remove the cable?

How could I solve my problem? Thanks

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Your question is a bit "hazy"..what do you mean by without the glass ? did you replace the screen assembly with one with a glass hanging aside ? why did you replace it in first place ? the more detail you can add to your question the easier will be to figure out what has happened, i f possible..


Well I actually explained the problem...

My macbook LCD screen didn't work so I changed it keeping the same glass panel; at first it worked, but after a some days the macbook started booting up with black screen.