Why does the new track pad only partially work?

Hi All, I installed a new track pad on a 13” 2014 MBP. There was liquid damage to the old one which caused the mouse to not respond at all and the keyboard to stop working one minute after boot.

The keyboard works fine with the new installation, but the mouse only moves from certain finger locations of the track pad. It may just be a defective part (iFixit), but I thought I would ask here first to see if there are any other solutions before sending it back.

I did a SMC and PRAM reset. There are no signs of a swollen battery. I also ran a hardware diagnostic that found no issues except that the battery may not be charging properly, which it is.



Update (04/12/2019)

Cancel that…. One of the cable clips on the new track pad was in the up position. Maybe this will help someone in the future.

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