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No backlight on my visio tv but have power and sound

I have power and sound on my visio tv but no backlight i took it apart and found a magnet had came lose on one of the board's how do i fix this problem i Don’t wont to put it back in wrong

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The magnet may actually be a magnetized inductor.

Has it got a dot marked on the casing at all, on one side or offset on the top?

(A bit like an electrolytic capacitor - you have to know the +ve and -ve end)

If so is there a similar dot or + sign on the board where the component belongs?

Post a picture of the component and the board which may help others to help you.

Here's how to do this


You could always check on Ebay etc to see if there is exactly the same board for sale (the one where you think that the component belongs) which have images of the board which hopefully can be enlarged to show the component in question to see which way it is connected. Just a thought.


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