Which part is call the "Main Board" in my Sanyo DP50747?

Hello everyone,

I had my TV at the repair shop recently where they tried to fix 2 broken parts, but were unable to do so.

The one part that wasn't working was the powerboard, which I was able to procure, and the other part is what they called the "Main Board". From my study of manuals and what other people have been saying, this could be one of a few different parts...

So my question is: What is the "Main Board" inside my Sanyo TV?

I uploaded the 3 possible parts to a flickr account and you can view them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27027057@N0...

Here is a picture of inside the TV:


As you can see, there's the yellow board to the right, and on the left is the board that has all the inputs sticking out. What that picture DOES NOT SHOW is that there is a board directly below the aforementioned board, that has a black thing in what looks like a CPU on a computer. This board is the last one in the flickr set I posted the link to above.

Thank-you so much for reading - Help is GREATLY appreciated!

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