Sliding door lock stuck; won't open electrically or manually.

2007 Grand Caravan passenger side sliding door won’t unlock, electrically or manually. Previous problem prevented electrical lock/unlock, changed actuator motor, worked for awhile, now it intermittently stays in the “locked” position, and can’t be unlocked even with maximum manual force. All other doors working normally. If I manually “jiggle” the actuating rod, I can get it unlocked, and then it seems to move freely, but after a few cycles, it freezes up again in the locked position. This _seems_ to be a mechanical malfunction, but…? Anyone else run into this? I have the door panels off, so I can see the mechanical stuff and there seems to be nothing obstructing or hanging up the actuator rods. I hesitate to lubricate pivot points, etc., for that seems only to attract dust/dirt to the site and eventually make things worse.

Anybody have any suggestions? Always happy to listen/try!

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