Steering Mode stopped working after airbag recall repair.

Hello, I have a 2012 Mustang. I had two airbag recalls, for which I had a free repair at the dealership. My car has a Steering Feel setting which allows you to switch the stiffness of the steering wheel between 3 different feels. I usually keep it on the Sport Feel, which is a bit stiffer than the other 2 modes. Right after the recall repair, I noticed my steering feel was a bit loose, tried modifying the feel setting but nothing changed. Feels the same way for every single setting.

I called the dealership and thinking that I had to be related to the work they did on the steering wheel to replace the airbag components. To this, they told me that the airbag components replacement has nothing to do with the steering feel, and that the dashboard indicator actually indicating that the Feel changed means that the car’s computer acknowledged the change and there should be nothing wrong with it. Thus, they want to charge me in case I need to get this inspected.

I’m not an expert in the matter, so could anyone confirm what they are saying is correct? Is is true that the airbag system within the steering wheel is completely separate from the steering feel settings, and there’s no way they could’ve messed that up with the repair?

Thank you.

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