Ipad 6th Gen (2018) screen vulnerability?

I’ve just gotten my new iPad, (barely two weeks in) and today I suddenly discovered a crack along the top right facia. (lower right in landscape mode)

About the length of a pinky finger from the corner, and while it doesn’t interrupt or disturb app use or enjoyment, it brings to mind the question…

Is this current design susceptible to easy damage around the frame area? It SEEMS like it would be an easy fix, however its in one of those ‘grab and hold’ areas when you use it in landscape mode…

If I rest my thumb during gameplay/app use I can FEEL the glass sinking inward if I’m not careful.

Would a simple screen protector help avoid further damage? I’ve heard horror stories about people trying to return iPads.

My previous unit was an Air 2 and never had this problem, not to mention that the Air 2 was dropped a number of times (2 feet).

Any advice? thanks.

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