Why isn't my pc connecting to my monitor, and won't force shut down?


So my Pc isn't connecting to the monitor, which it did the last time I used it… And when I hold down the power button, it doesn't power off….

I've replaced my VGA cable, and even tried using HDMI but neither worked….

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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What is the make and model number of your PC?

What OS is installed in the PC?

Is the monitor displaying a no video signal message (or similar)?

Is the monitor working, i.e. can you select On Screen Menus etc?

If there is no indication at all on the monitor as to what is happening, try connecting to another monitor (even a TV will do if it has the appropriate input types) just to eliminate the monitor as the problem.

What happens if you turn off the power to the PC and then turn it on again, does the PC start up with no display still?

Are the indicator lights (power, HDD activity, keyboard lights etc) working on the PC and keyboard?

Besides changing the monitor cable and connection type, what have you tried?