Why The phone Can't detect 5 Ghz Wifi?

The phone can't detect 5Ghz wifi in every day use. When I enable airplane airplane mode and turn my phone off and on again, it detects 5Ghz wifi and connects to it. But when i go out of range and come back or turn wifi off and on again, it cant see or connect 5Ghz wifi untill i repeat the whole process again. 2.4 Ghz seems to work fine. The phone is currently running android pie. The issue was also on Oreo. Is this a hardware issue? And how can i solve this. :(

I have done factory resetting and also tried changing wifi channels and resetting router. The 5Ghz wifi works fine with other devices.

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Someone on the internet with the same phone said to make sure your APN and SIM card are working properly.

You could also try taking out the SIM card, maybe its conflicting with your public wifi options.

Try and do something with both things I said and get back to me.


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I have checked the apn, reset it. Internet on mobile data works alright.

I have tried takin out the sim card too. But nothin happened :(

This might be a system bug, right?



You can also try making separate SSID in your router settings. One for 2.4ghz and the other 5GHZ for your phone.

Another person suggested the router settings and it seemed to fix the man's problems.

I will send a thread to the post, in theory basically your network is too crowded, in which needs separate ones. Pretty simple to understand. Try this for me.


And the fact you have done system restores etc. I really think its some from of connection issue between the Phone <-> Router ---- not necessarily a system bug. I think those router settings will fix it :)

I have set separate SSIDs already. Changed router settings according to that thread but the frequency options in my router is only from channel 36-48 on 5Ghz. There is no option above 48.

I have also changed 2.4 Ghz settings and set a less crowded channel.

Installed the app but 5Ghz SSID still not there. :(

Still the issue isn't fixed yet:(

Hmm. Try downloading the app, 1Tap WiFi Repair Lite.

Can you not try 36- 64? Or are you saying that is the highest you can do?

A person with that phone said that fixed his issue.

Best you can do is keep looking up solutions online. Because at this point thats what I'm doing and so many people have the same issue with your phone, as in they have the same phone.

Only thing I can think of besides that is waiting for an update. A majority are saying that, a hardware problem as you stated. Some are saying its a router thing. But at this point, I doubt its a router thing. I'm also guessing you have tried many different options on the router as well.

And in your WIFI advanced settings, you do have the option search for 5GHZ only?

There isn't any option of selecting 5Ghz only in advanced settings. And my router doesn't have any option beyond channel 48. I am eagerly waiting for an update ( Really optimistic for a fix). I have also sent a feedback to xiaomi regarding the issue.



Hello Mahfuz

your phone may be unsupported for 5ghz wifi


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It supports 5Ghz wifi. I checked the specs on the official MI website before buying. It connects to 5 Ghz wifi after a restart on airplane mode.

hmm interesting go on.



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