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Touch Screen Isn't Working

Hello everyone!

I have a serious problem with my girlfriends iPhone 6S Plus,

I will try to be short and informative as much as I can so I wont make you tired reading this topic.

She got a certified refurbished iPhone 6S Plus from Amazon and the battery was messed up, I decided to buy her a new one and put it on ( iFixit) her screen once she told me stoped working for about 10 minutes and than start working again, just for reference,

so after the repair the touchscreen stoped working permanently, not just for 10 minutes but for ever.

Let me make sure that I have changed in the past many iPhone Batteries so I have a lot of experience doing that,

Before I took the screen off I took off the old battery than I got the screen for no more than 90 degrees radius and start taking off the connectors using my tools safely,

putting them back in and changing the battery I realized that there were no touch at all to the phone,

I assumed that the screen its probably messed up so I literally bought a new screen unit which arrived just today ( iFixit ) and the screen is still not working,

Cleaned the connectors and the logic board with Isopropyl alcohol 97% Clean

and safely dried it, realized that its still not working,

I am so sad and desperate about the situation with the phone right now and I need your help, I truly need someones help, I can provide detailed pictures from the logic boards condition in case someone needs them to get an idea.

Thank you so much for your time and help.

Update (11/28/2018)

Block Image

Block Image

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The lower (Front Camera/Sensor Flex) connector looks a little mangled up but that is not the cause of your issue. From what I can see, there are several components missing on the logic board, directly below the screen connector (the long one in the picture). The phone can work without most of those but the middle one is required for Touch to work.

Block Image

This is a pretty straightforward repair for an experienced micro-solderer. Do a quick Google search and you should find one in your area.


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Is it messed up ? How do you see it ? Is there a huge issue ? It can be cheaply repaired ?

Use a magnifying glass or jewellers loupe to inspect the area below the long connector. If parts are missing (compare to the adjacent parts), then the critical one will have to be replaced. Ask your local micro-solderer how much it would cost. You can check out my profile if you'd like to inquire about my services (although it would require shipping overseas).


Hi, I am just new to this but I have dealt with many phones before. I am still an amateur so take this information with a grain of salt. From what I see on the pictures, the 7th pin for the third connector down seems to either be bent of missing. Also, when you connect the phone to the computer, does it seem to show anything? Vibrate? Also, if the phone does vibrate and shows that the phone is on, then you should try to go to your computer and see if it is outputting any display to the macbook by using quicktime player. Also, is there any chance you got a faulty battery?


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I can see picture in the screen of the phone, but I can't touch anything on it,

when I connected to my MacBook it seems like dead that is because its running the latest iOS 12 with the security updates, it will work as soon as I put the passcode on, but can't obviously do that. :(

Then I think it is the bent pin on the third connector down. The 7th Pin from the right bottom. I think you might be able to bend the pin back but you probably need some microsoldering skills to fix the connector.

Oh my god, I don’t have a microscope with me, and I don’t have someone in my area that good able to fix something like this, what am I doing ?

For me, the best is to just send it in to iPadrehab.com They do quality work. Try describing them your issue and they will send you a quote and directions to send it in for repair to their facility.




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