1992 98 2 cylinders not firing, even after coil pack replacement

Long story short.

I bought the car and after 2 days it developed a vibration coming from the engine.

low power, bad fuel eco, gas smell from exhaust.

replaced spark plugs and cables, didn’t help.

I took the cables off the coil packs one by one and confirmed that they would arc, 2 did, one didn’t.

So i replaced that and still nothing, It is getting power but not firing.

I’m thinking ignition control module… Am i missing something?

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Troy Knier what car? What model? what year? what engine? Is it a 3 cylinder, "2 did, one didn’t." Don't make a long story short. Keep it long so we get the details.


Oldsmobile 1992 98 regency

V6 3.8L

It has 3 coil packs, 2 work fine but the other one is getting power but it's not sending a spark.

I replaced that one but it's still not sparking.