Wifi Connected, but doesn't show that its connected

Not a serious problem as it doesn’t impact usability, just annoying to look at. My wifi is connected to wifi, and has internet. When i hover over the wifi symbol, it is gray and shows that I am not connected to wifi. When I click on the icon to show available networks, it then shows in that screen that I am connected to my local network.

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I've seen this issue in a few different scenarios. Here's what I tried:

1. Disable and reenable the wireless network adapter from the adapter settings windows

2. Make sure no other applications are managing the wireless connection (other than windows)

3. Remove any static DNS settings on the wireless adapter (worked for me)

4. Search HP for the latest wireless driver for you computer and install it.

Note: If you need Static settings remove them, save, then re-add them.

If these options still doesn't work try testing in another user account.