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MacBook A1181 Wont turn ON!

I bought a Macbook A1181 from craigslist a week ago that didn't come with an AC Adapter. I purchased one from and just got it in. I've had it charged for a few hours now, and it will not turn on. No lights, No fan, No NOTHING!! I press the button on the battery to see if it has a charge and nothing. I've tried using just the charger without the battery, NOTHING. I've taken the battery out, unplugging the adapter, holding down the power for five seconds, NOTHING. The light on my charger is showing up in a organge color when the battery is connected and green when the battery is taken out. I don't know what to DO!!! This is my FIRST MAC and i'm QUITE DISAPPOINTED :(

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"Who know what evil lurks in the hearts of men". You bought something off Craigslist and didn't bother to even turn it on before paying for it? Don't blame the Mac. Go to the mirror and write Stupid on your forehead and take a picture of it. Look at that picture before buying from a source with no recourse again. Your Mac could have been used for a boat anchor. That being said, let's see if we can't get you up and running. First we need to know exactly which machine you have.You can either take the battery out and give us the last three figures of your serial number or go here and identify which machine you have:

We don't even know if the thing has a logic board in it. Let's check and see if it has any RAM. Go here for how to remove the RAM:MacBook Core 2 Duo RAM Replacement Inspect the RAM for corrosion and the correct type. Look at the battery connector and inspect for corrosion. This thing may have had a couple of beers before you got it. Reseat just one stick of RAM at a time and try staring with the battery out an just the AC adapter plugged in. Let us know your findings or any changes in the start up.


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