Terminal lights are coming up but the Mac Pro isn't starting.

I have read n researched this problem and their have been a few people experiencing this. I bought this computer from a friend and it was flawless at his place, brought it home, ran it for one evening and shut down that evening. The next day it refused to boot and the terminal lights would illuminate for a number of seconds without the power button illuminated, then they go back off.

I got the cmos battery replaced after this expect g that to be the issue after much reading. Came back home… same thing.. Took it back and the thing booted up first try and a few times after at the certified technicians place. Subsequently got my wiring checked and a separate breaker line installed at my home for my system… Same Same story.. I am stumped..

I read it could be the humidity, I live in the tropics. I put a fan on it.. Nothing… About to try it in an air-condition environment to see if the humidity is the problem! Help please!

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