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I want to replace the HDD for a SSD

Hi Mayer. I've an iMac 5k 27' 2017 with 1TB fusion drive (yes, I know.... i should have bought with an SSD) but now I want to replace the HDD for a SSD. Does it worth it in terms of speeding the machine? Thanks in advanced.

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Hi, my name isn’t Mayer but I will be happy to provide you with some advice!

You can add a blade SSD to you iMac and double the storage and performances if your iMac has the slot on it’s logic board. Just buy the part and follow the guide below if you do indeed have that slot.

On the the terms of is it worth it, yes! You can definitely notice the performance and speed boost a SSD adds.

27英寸 5K Retina 显示屏 iMac 固态硬盘SSD 更换


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Sorry Aaron for my mistake and thank you for your advise. My intention is replace the SATA drive for a SSD and, if possible rebuild the fusion tecnologie (blade SSD and SATA SSD).

Jorge - You do really want to do this Vs a SATA SSD to get the most out of your system, The Fusion Drive SSD your system has a quite small and doesn't have the space to be that useful as a boot drive in a dual drive config and making a Fusion Drive with two SSD's will in fact slow your system. It would be just better leaving the blade SSD unused in that case.


@ajcooke01 Well there is a blade and it is already taken by the SSD part of the Fusion Drive.

Jorge can of course upgrade just that blade BUT:

- He will have to pull the board out of the housing, which is always a bit risky;

- The blade costs a lot as they are Apple proprietary.

On the other hand, SATA SSDs are not that expensive and easier to reach within that iMac.

Jorge can instead replace the HDD with a 960GB SSD and "re-build" the Fusion Drive and in my opinion it is always worth it for most applications. And possibly purchase an enclosure and use the 1TB that he would have pulled from the iMac as an external Time Machine back-up drive or for additional storage space.


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Thank you Rany. Replacing the HDD for a SSD can y rebuild the fusion technology and get a faster fusion drive?

If you do put in a SATA SSD then leave it as a single drive config. Don't use the internal blade SSD at all. While tempting it will slow your system. Fusion Drives really only work when you have a HDD & SSD combo, not a dual SSD setup.


Jorge - Sorry you don't want a dual SSD setup for a Fusion Drive. It won't buy you anything. The blade SSD your system has is so small it’s useless when used with a SATA SSD.

While more work I do strongly recommend you break your Fusion Drive setup then replace the small blade SSD to a bigger drive (512 GB if you can swing it). Leave your HDD alone. Now with the blade SSD setup as your boot drive hosting your OS & Apps you’ll have the ideal dial drive setup. a Very fast drive for OS, Apps & cache/paging, then a slower drive for your iTunes content and other Apps data.

Here’s a good guide which explains things The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs


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@danj I did not know that rebuilding the Fusion Drive would slow the computer. Why is that? I am usually rebuilding the Fusion drive for my customers. So I'd want to provide the better option.

And I do try to avoid pulling the board when possible.. one of the reason I don't like to update the blade.

@rany - I'm the opposite! If the system has the blade connector (older 2012 through 2015 - 21'5 to 27") I always put in the blade drive.

With Fusion Drives the issue is both the size of the blade as it's so small and the effective throughput is only 4.0Gb/s|2.0GB/s - 5GT/s (PCIe 2.0 x2) so it's not really any faster than the SATA III (6.0 Gb/s|3.0GB/s) SSD PCIe/AHCI which has an effective throughput of 4.8Gb/s. Now if we put in a PCIe/NVMe replacement drive we can get upto 4.0Gb/s|4.0GB/s - 5GT/s (PCIe 2.0 x2). Which is a much better upgrade!



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