The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features fifth generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, resulting in slightly increased performance and battery life.

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My MacBook require PRAM reset for every boot

My MacBook Air has some weird behaviors. It requires PRAM reset when I want to turn it on after it was shut down.

After the reset, everything runs without any problems until I shut it down again.

Sometimes when I left it in the sleep mode, it suddenly will make the booting-up sound and when I opened it, the screen is not functioning but the keyboard backlight is still on. I’m not sure the root of this problems.

This MacBook is free from water damage.

Does anyone have idea, what is happening with my system? Is the SSD damaged or other parts?

Update (10/24/2018)

@danj Here’s the screenshots of the diagnostic’s result and CoconutBattery.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (10/26/2018)

I have tried to enter the safe mode again, but it failed. It keeps loading forever. Even after I made the PRAM reset. Sometimes it started to lag just because I opened some websites that contain videos. I have 4 GB of RAM on this macbook.

@danj here’s my new update

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@bypasser11 - 4 GB will effect things as it's so little (sorry). You will likely need to trim what apps you have loading at startup and not try running too many concurrently (two at most). You likely need to also clean the drive as you really need free space for the system to leverage as virtual RAM. This is where you need to have 1/3 of the drive left empty.

Frankly, I think the best thing here is to just wipe the drive down (format it), Then install a new OS then re-installing what you really need. It tends to be quicker than trying to hunt down whats amiss here.


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Have you tried a SMC reset yet? I would try a SMC reset if the answer to that question is a no.

How to reset the SMC, PRAM and NVRAM on a Mac Laptop


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I have tried the SMC reset, it seems that doesn’t give any effects on the startup. I tried to turn it on after the SMC and it loads forever at the apple logo and the bar was full. So I’ve decided to turn it off and do the PRAM reset and it works. Not sure what is happening with this device now

@bypasser11 What about trying to boot into safe mode? Does this MBA require a PRAM reset to boot into safe mode?

@ajcooke01 It appears that I can't enter the safe mode. Tried without the PRAM reset and after the PRAM reset. Neither of them works. It keeps loading forever


Lets see why your systems SMC needs to be constantly reset. Reset it again but this time lets go into diagnostics when you restart the system press and hold the D key. Did any errors pop?

I would also install CoconutBattery and paste a snapshot of the apps main window so we can see how the battery is doing as well.

Update (10/25/2018)

Lets try getting the system into Safe Mode again. Just like you entered into diagnostics you’ll need to press and hold the Shift key. Are you able to get there this time?

Reference: Mac startup key combinations

You may need to check the drive using Disk Utility as well as check it for malware & viruses. While you can boot up in the recovery partition or Internet recovery to gain access to Disk Utility, I find connecting a bootable external drive which also has a good antivirus & malware software to scrub the drive.

I would also make sure the drive is not too full. This is a common issue in the Air’s as the drive it has tends to be small (128, 256, or 512 GB flash storage). These drives should have 1/3 left unused so the system has enough work space.


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@danj It appears there were no issues with the diagnostics and the battery. Phooey!

@danj nope. I have question about wiping the hard drive. How exactly can I do this?Where can I found the ISO file and change the boot priority of the drive?

Sounds like you're stuck in a catch22. You first need a bootable MacOS drive to do anything. Getting an ISO file won't help you as you need a bootable drive first.

So do you have a friend that has a Mac so he can help you create a bootable drive with the OS installer following this guide: How to create a bootable macOS High Sierra installer drive. Once you've got the installer drive setup you can then boot up under it to use Disk Utility to properly format the drive and then install the OS.

New update : I’ve cleaned install the OS and it doesn’t fix anything. I still need to reset the Pram. I noticed during the installation, the process took more than 1 hour although the indicator on the loading bar said 10 minutes left.



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