What kind of screw is used on the Proctor Silex 58130NY Blender?

I hope the ifixit community help with my complex issue. I have a proctor silex 58130NY Blender, and the problem is that it won’t turn on. I need to disassemble the unit to check on the wiring and test it, I suspect that it could be a loose wire or burnt one at it? the problem is that there is one kind of screw that I have never seen or recognize before. I would like to provide a photo to help ID the screw (or something) but unable too. due to the location, but I will try the best to describe it. The shape of the head is just the same as a flat head or Philip, except that it is not both, it’s flat in shape and on the left and right side there is a small slot on the head (left and right) with what looks like an Allen hex key holding the bolt(?) down in

Block Image

in order to secure the base to the housing cover of the blender. I hope someone would get the general idea as to what I am describing, I added an image in the likeness of the description, this is my first time I tried to add an image, and hopefully it comes out right. Thank You.

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