My Asus F6Ve Laptop doesn't display

Hi guys,

I installed Windows 7 operating system to my laptop. When I was done with the installation, I decided to also install software applications and device drivers to the pc. I noticed that the wlan or wifi was not working. From my troubleshooting I observed that the device hardware was not detected by the Machine. So I removed the power and battery also removed the processor and heat sink in order to check the wireless card. I wasn't sure what the problem was, so I decided to reassemble the pc. When I powered at first the pc boot to the login page and shut itself down,I tried again twice same results. “But the third time the screen went black or blank ; I could observe that the fan was on and the indication lights would also be on but the screen will be blank/black. I tried adding processor thermal paste same results. WHEN I CONNECTED IT TO A MONITOR IT DISPLAY AN IRREGULAR COLOURS AND PATTERNS AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURE ATTACHED. Thanks in anticipation for your answers.

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