How to wire push button starter on an 86' Harley Davidson SuperGlide

Dealing with the click no start issue on my 86 Evo Super glide fxrs lowrider. for months. Cleaned and replaced many connections, ground strap, and fuses. Replaced the stator, regulator, solenoid and starter (twice…it fried the negative terminal of the battery when the starter wouldn’t disengage due to short). There was a short and the negative battery post melted). I was advised to install a push button starter that will bypass the ignition relay but runs only when the key is turned on so I can disconnect in case of another short.

Wrench friend said:“Hot coming off ignition, into button. Then out to hot on starter. Key controlled positive.”

I’m avoiding the starter relay, right? Am I to connect the hot wires from starter and ignition to the push button starter posts (both are positive). I don’t understand the last bit. Is he just being redundant?

Also, horn was removed. It was just rusted tight. I capped the horn wires but didn’t extend the wires from the hand controls. Does this sound right? They’re taped under the tank.

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