The Nissan Altima is a mid-size automobile manufactured by Nissan, and is arguably a continuation of the Nissan Bluebird line, which began in 1957.

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Whats that clattering on engine start

2003 Altima 2.5 Newly rebuilt Engine clattering on start up when cold. Continues until oil pressure light goes out ( Approx 1-2 sec.) Only on first start of the day all start ups after that normal. Oil Pressure 50 psi. Replaced oil filter with OEM filter, using 5w-20 oil no help.No apparent plat in rods or pistons. Checked Valve Clearances and Timing Chain and Guides and Balance Box Assembly no Obvious Problems. Should the intake Camshaft Varible Timing Hub have any rotational freeplay in it? It has Approx 90 to 120 degrees freeplay with timing chain removed . This is the area where the sounds seems to be originating.

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It could be the hydraulic lifters. They drain out pretty fast over night and can cause that noise until you have good oil pressure. If I remember right Nissan is well known for that. Like mayer suggested a good oil may take care of this, as well as regular oil and filter changes. Also make sure that you use a good filter. You may also have less of the cold starting noise with the use of a synthetic oil. Do not forget to check that it is not one of the heat shields that may vibrate against the exhaust. Good Luck to you.


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Try using a heavier oil like a 10-30 or if in cold country a 10-40 weight. I would also try using a super engine lube like: ttp://


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that would be fine and dandy if it had hydraulic lifters! the engine is sorta like the toyota that uses a disk inside a bucket except with nissan, the whole bucket has to be changed which requires the cams to be removed, toyota has a special tool to depress the valve so the disk can be swapped for proper size.

the rattle you hear is connecting rod rattle cause by no oil cushion between rod and crank journal. it could be the oil filter is allowing drain-back or the galleries are bleeding out so the pump must first fill them before oil can reach bearing.


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Is the timing chain tensioner it goes away after you build oil pressure normal try this next time you start it wait till the noise stops and then cut it off and then come back the next morning it won't do it because the heavier thicker colder oil as not drain back down it's on the tensioner piston and I think the oil passage that gets to it



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