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Is this printed board fixable?


My oven's main board short-circuited. For some reasons, the previous owner disconnected the fan which caused it to overheat.

Repair guy quoted $600 for changing the board so I thought I'd ask experts: based on the attached photos, does it look fixable to you? I don't have a deep experience in the matter but it seems like the damage is contained. Looks like it could just be the circuit on the far left side if I'm very lucky.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Block Image

Block Image

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what is the make and model number?

It's a whirlpool oven. Model number is IBS550PWS00.


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This should be your Control Board part:


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I’ve repaired many appliance circuit boards over the years, they tend to be under-engineered and fail pretty easily. I guess they enjoy selling you $600 dollar replacement parts or better yet, new appliances.

I’m curious to know what’s on the other side of this board as something got seriously hot to cook the fibreglass like that. From what I can see, one trace has ruptured completely. You could rebuild that trace by jumpering it with appropriate gauge wire and solder it it in place. Assuming there’s no damage to the actual electronics, that might be all you need to do.


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