Why wont my 5th generation iPod respond?

So i was listening to my ipod 5th generation, it was working fine, no battery issues, ive never dropped it or split anything on it its pristine basically. Then it suddenly stopped playback, I could here the click wheel but the screen was black/off. It now wont turn on and I cant hear the click wheel. Ive tried plugging it into my windows laptop, its not recognised in my computer or itunes and isn't charging but when I plug/unplug it the comp makes the 'budump' noise that windows does. Doesn't sound like its battery related from reading other reports as its not got steadily worse just suddenly stopped. Would it turn on when attached to the computer if it was a battery fault? Anyone got any ideas what it could be.


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peter, I would go ahead and replace the battery. The way I am thinking right now is that it must be at the end of its lifespan. The battery does not have to start failing intermittently but can fail all of a sudden all together. The battery is one of the easier and the least expensive items to replace. I have a bunch of 5th gen that do NOT come on when plugged in with a bad battery. That way you also have a great starting point since you now have a known good part. You mentioned that there is nothing else wrong with it, so go ahead and give it a try. Good Luck.



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