Model A1320 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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New battery won't charge

Opened the ipod and measured the voltage output with a multimeter in the 3 weld battery points. Got zero volts even with the ipod working connected to USB...

Then measured the output of a new battery and got 5V, once i soldered it also got 0V from the battery! Dessoldered and it has 5V again.

Have no idea what to do... i guess the charging circuit is faulty but what can i do?

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Check your dock connector for any shortening of the pins, i.e. broken or bend pins as well as corrosion. Check and clean the logic board of all corrosion. Check the solder pads for any shortening out of the points. Check for broken traces on your logic board. If none of that worked, I think its time for a new logic board. Good Luck.


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