Eleventh generation of Ford's flagship pickup truck.

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The transmission will not engage

The truck has been working fine I pulled my boat out of the lake got it into my garage and it was in four wheel low once I got onto my property because I had to pull it to grass. Got it into my garage turn my truck off. Turn the truck back on and now the transmission won’t engage it still says four wheel low but I put it in neutral try to shift to 2 Wheel Dr. regardless when I put it in drive the engine revs but it does not engage

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Check your transmission computer - it's probably in a small metal box similar to the main computer. You might have a blown fuse in the transmission computer.

I had a 1991 Mitsubishi Mirage. It got stuck in 2nd gear. A Mitsubishi mechanic found that the fuse was blown in the transmission computer. He replaced the fuse and the problem went away.

I know you don't have a Mitsubishi; but there may be a similar situation with your vehicle.


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