Samsung 'fridge freezer', freezer fan issue freezer fan


Model -Samsung fridge freezer rsa1shpn

Have come back from holiday to find the freezer section iced up and the top of the freezer and fridge warm.

Have defrosted the freezer but the issue remains.

Error code indicates the freezer fan is not working

Have replaced the freezer fan motor but issue remains. I know there is power to the freezer fan because I can see it start up when the appliance is first turned on.

Unsure what to do next

Any help would be gratefully received.

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Don't know your fridge, but can you hear if the evap fan is running most of the time?

You should hear it stop and start when you open and close the doors.

The evap fan should also stop. along with the compressor when the fridge/freezer is in defrost mode. This usually occurs at least once every 8-12 hours and can last for approx 20-30 minutes (time varies with manufacturer).

During defrost mode freezer temp rises to just above 0 deg C (32 deg F) to allow ice to melt from evap unit. The process is sped up by the defrost heater operating.

After a suitable time lapse (set by control board or defrost thermostat (don't know in your case), the compressor and evap fan are started again to drive temp back down to -18 deg C (0 deg F).

It may be that the defrost heater is not working and the ice build up continues as enough hasn't melted during the defrost mode and after a while the evap fan is encased in ice.

It could also be that the defrost drain tube from the freezer section is blocked and the melt water cannot escape.

Just a few thoughts

Hi @zamakli ,

Good news but what was the cause of the problem with your fridge?