iPhone 6s Plus 发布于2015年9月25日,有两个型号A1687、A1634,网络制式有GSM、WCDMA,存储容量有16GB、64GB、128GB可选,机身颜色有银色、金色、深空灰、玫瑰金。维修iPhone 6s Plus和前代产品相似,需要螺丝刀和撬棒等。

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Zxw software or similar

Dose anyone know of any free complete software like zxw that I can download links please

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Hi. Did you tried phoneboard.co ? Its free :)

@rubiosantos Thank you for letting us know about it. I've just tried it out and I like it pretty much..although not as handy as Zxw as it's missing a number of features I'm used to, it's a valuable tool, very lightweight and I can run it emulated on a Mac, what a joy :)

I really hope the developer will continue to work on it, it's a very promising App and to be a freeware a top class software. Thumbs up !!


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You can use Pads, a Pcb layout software from Mentor graphics: https://www.pads.com/ for board files (.brd)

All schematics are in Pdf format, thus you can use any capable Pdf reading software, Adobe reader on Windows, Apple has built in system software.

Problem is besides Zxw you won't find anyone able to supply reliable schematics and board files..manufacturers have no interest in publishing them and employees have no interest in getting fired and sued by their principals for leaking industrial secrets. You 'll find some older partially reliable files here and there around the net, good enough to get an idea on how things work, but not enough to keep up with professional needs.


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For the OP, I'll add that there is also EasyDraw (@ UnionRepair) which is a fairly low cost solution although if you search hard enough, you can probably find ZXW for about the same price.

If this is just for a one-off project, then use pads but if you plan on repairing devices and charging money, then you have to buy ZXW/EasyDraw. It's pretty much you're most essential tool. It's like a carpenter not wanting to spend money on a hammer.

@refectio I haven't yet tried EasyDraw..have you ? Mind sharing some thoughts in case ? Thanks :)

I tried it, you can get a free 5 day trial, so it's definitely worth downloading it. Generally speaking, I prefer ZXW but ZXW can also get on my nerves some days, especially the BlackFish app which is very unstable.

ZXW has more content in terms of board views with full netnames and schematics though and at the end of the day, that's what counts for me. I will be buying a second solution soon, either FCL or EasyDraw as ZXW is not always stable, not always available and there is no real support mechanism. I've tried sending emails and they go into some kind of black hole, never to be answered.

I figure with two active solutions, I'll always be up-and-running.

@refectio I told myself I'll try it out when I have some peace around and some free time but it seems I'll have to wait for my next life to get that =:) I share your view on BlackFish ..that drives me crazy too, commands and interface are so incoherent that takes me ages to get even the easiest things done. Most of the times I end up using preview on a smaller MB Air for schematics. I like Zxw, but I'd prefer Pads if there were files and everything available.

Good thing ED it's not dongle based, if it's fast enough.

I've seen there's around also Wuxinji fivestar, but here too, heaven knows how reliable is..they claim to be better than Zxw.

Wuxinji is FCL (Five Core Level). I remember trying it once, I just don't remember how I got a trial version...but I did :>). It was actually pretty neat in that it had more solutions and explainers.

I have a dual monitor setup so I really enjoy ZXW in that respect...when Blackfish works it's great. Otherwise, I use Foxit to display the PDF schematics on one monitor and ZXW on the other.

What I like about ZXW now is that they seem to be incorporating mac schematics as well.




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