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Can a soldering noob replace capacitor C9560?

Hi, my father's MBP mid 2010 have the classical GPU Kernel Panic, it frustrated me that the motherboard replacement was so expensive that now he's thinking about throwing out the machine, so I decide to learn how to microsolder and replace the C9560 capacitor (which is more likely to be the problem)

I have no experience soldering, but I feel confortable around motherboard and any hardware in general (I build PC's, dissasemble and clean lots of laptops and modded a Mac G5 case). I've watched hundreds of Louis Rossman's videos, so I really want to do this. I'll be buying the equipment for this, also because I love the idea of this ability of fixing motherboards and mainly because it looks like a fun new hobby.

¿Do I need months of practice to to the repair or if I use good equipment and carefully follow the videos I might get the job done?

Here's the list of the equipment I'll be buying, remember that for now it'll only be used for this repair, so it will be cheap:

Solder Wire:

Solder Wick remover ( not shure if I need this):


Heat Gun:

Soldering iron:

Digital Microscope:

(I didn't wanted those heat gun + soldering iron combo stations, the idea of one box dissipating both tools heat doesn't sound very reliable)

Thanks for your time and sorry for my english!

Update (06/11/2018)

Forgot to add, the motherboard is 820-2565-A, does anyone have the schematic?

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I would avoid practicing on a board that might be saved just by changing a capacitor and run the risk to damage it further. Things are easier seen than done and you will probably find out soon that what you see on youtube cannot be repeated with the same ease. I would recommend taking it easy, buy off ebay a couple of cheap donor boards and practice on those..once you feel comfortable enough then jump on a real repair.


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Well, I got an old 32 bit Dell Laptop, maybe I could use that for practice?

Why not, anything with SMD components would do..


should all be fine, you dont need wick to replace caps, resistors or diodes, its more for bga or qfn type jobs. put flux over the cap, tin the ends with leaded solder and heat with the hot air aroung 300c until the solder melts and remove it with tweezers. but remember to find out the value and package size of the cap for a replacement


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First make sure that the problem is that capacitor by doing the same tests that Louis does in his videos. Check if there is continuity between both sides of the capacitor and ground. If so then there is your issue. If not then you've got another problem. First find the problem with a pretty cheap multimeter before buying all of that equipment. Cap replacements (or just a removal) is some what simple. Just watch out for plastic connectors that might be close.


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