Why want my 2003 zr1000 start

2003 kawasaki zr1000 A1, was wrecked when i bought it,lady ran a red light n hit the bike on the right front,i replaced the exaust cam,the crankshaft,n the whole head,bought everything off of ebay from the same seller that claims it came off of the same bike,got vin numbers that say so,had a shop put everything together for me n i put the engine back on the bike,tested all the sensors,replaced the speed sensor,bike is getting good compression n will turn over good,just want start ,i dont hear the fuel pump prime but can hotwire it n it works fine,cant tell if its firing or not,i would say no,down sensor seems to test ok,ive had this bike for almost two years n havnt heard it start yet,just fooled with it on my spare time,ready to ride it now tho,you will be the first if you figure out my problem,i do own a small shop where i work on cars,so i know a lil,please help

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@shortylac "getting good compression n will turn over good,just want crank" how do you turn it over to measure the compression if it does not crank?


Sorry,i meant want start,I've been up day n night,tested sensors again n relaysfor new plugs n battery..ordered new coils,,be in by sat..going to check the kill switch n a few more things now


ive replaced quite a few things n got it to start n drove it around the yard then parked it while i waited for the starter idle gear to come inmeanwhile i took the throttle body off to clean n reinstalled it n my part came intried to crank it and wouldnt start again,compression 120-130 on all cylindersgas and spark or cut off at timesit tries to start when i crank it n turn the idle screwbut no goim just ready to rideso im starting back over n going to test every sensor again,some advise please