MacBook Pro Mid 2014 (vs. 2013 & 2015) Logic Board Compatibility List


I've got a mid 2014 MBP with 2.5 GHz Processor + "Dual" Graphics.

Looking on the other websites, and in my "About This Mac" I can see that my model A1398 / 11,3 MBP is indeed what I think it is... however. 1, there are no Dual graphics boards listed here on fixit 2) it recommends using the 2013 Model boards when 3) From looking at specs elsewhere, it's clear that the 2014 and 2015 use what appears to be the EXACT same board, with the exception of the speed of the PCIe SSD...

Firstly, is this not the case?

Secondly, are the boards between '14 and '15 model years actually different? Or is the interface the same and Apple just decided to take full advantage of the speed a year later (the ******** have done this before... very annoying) by using slower drives in the 2014 models?

Thirdly... I have a bad MOBO... I'm able to compensate somewhat for the failed "CPU Diode" by running Macs Fan Control by Crystal Idea (awesome, totally donated, use it everywhere now) at MAX SPEED all the time. Can I convert my 2014 model to a 2015 (specifically to take advantage of the increased drive speed)?

My thoughts on this being possible (or not) would be replacing the failed mobo with a "2015" version, and the SSD as well (since I want to upgrade from 512GB to 1TB anyway) or would it be possible to stick with (if there's any reason (price?), despite the part not being listed here, since I can source it elsewhere I think) to stay with a 2014 mobo and just upgrade the drive with a "2015" version to get better speed? I know they slightly change the number of pins/teeth on the SSD/PCIe drive connectors every few years, so this may not be mechanically possible. That's kind of the kernel of my post. I can't verify the part numbers, b/c they don't have 1TB for both years listed here, but it seems, convoluted, since on the parts page for each there is some some overlap, but one set is not fully a subset of the other...

I put this question here partly to clarify why the 2013 mobos are under the 2014 parts list for Dual Graphics...


After checking out Amazon and OWC it looks like there is a very wide range of Speeds of Drive being sold for all these models... does anyone have experience with the third party brands first hand? One person said to maximize bandwidth you need "NVME" support, but that didn't kick in until 2016 models. One of the Transcend models claims 19xxMBps too! The OWC models (Aura/X Pro) have some pretty nasty sounding downrating reports. I can't find the 1TB equivalent/OE apple 2015 SSD around though... There's not much speed gain in getting an x4 drive in a 2015 mobo right?

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Actually A1502 mid 2014 is not the same as 2015.


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Hey @thz , yeah, I looked into it further, thank you for answering here for everyone to see. They are not the same, different EMC's (electromagnetic compatibility?), therefore different setup internally even though the model number didn't change. From what I can tell, it was mostly moving stuff around inside, thus making them incompatible if you're interested in repairs/part swaps. They did this for their own reasons presumably, and not just to foil me and other fixers... maybe the 2015's get better wifi reception?



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