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MacBook Pro wont start, but the battery is fully charged?

First off, I want to mention that the battery in my macbook is old and runs out of its charge after about 1 hour of normal use, I need to get a new one but I don't think that will solve my current issue, which is that it just wont start.

Last night as I was going to turn my computer off, it told me about some updates that could be installed before shutdown, including the Mac OSX 10.6.7 update. So I let it install everything without plugging in the power cable because the battery was fully charged. After installing the updates the computer turned itself off.

Today, it started up as normal, but the meter that shows how much more charge is in the battery showed 20 hours, which is nonsense. I expected it to change and started using the computer as normal (surfing). The battery meter stayed at 20 hours, and then suddenly the computer went into sleep mode and the lights on the battery went from all on to just the one flashing. So I plugged in the cable and waited, and after about 20 minutes the lights on the battery were all on again so I tried to turn it on, but it wouldn't start.

I figured something had gone wrong so I pressed the power button for a few seconds and the computer turned off.

Now it wont start at all, even though the battery is fully charged. I tried restarting the SMC (power button for 5 seconds) but to no luck.

Edit: Just for clarification, NOTHING happens when I press the power button.


I did not mean to sound rude, I was just stating the facts, sorry if I offended anyone.

Anyway: I went to the local mac dealer to let the tech there have a look, explained what was wrong and the tech tried pressing the power button and, of course, it booted normally. This didn't exactly help with my frustration but at least it works now, for whatever reason...

Ordered a new battery though, since I suspect the old one had something to do with it...

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Do you know the wattage of the AC adapter he was using? My guess is that you were using a 65 watt AC adapter and he was using an 85 watt AC adapter. The 85 watt allowed the MacBook Pro to boot, but the 65 watt did not. I have seen that happen more than a few times.

I don't know, but I have two adapters at home and I tried both with no success before the tech worked his magic. They both work fine now though... How do I find out the wattage on my adapter?

Just look on the side of the adapter and it should say something like "Apple xxW Portable Power Adapter".

The adapters i have are both 60W, but they work fine now. Could it be that the techs adapter was 85W and worked sort of like a defibrillator which managed to get my computer out of its dead state and make it work again? I'm no electrical engineer but that seems unlikely, albeit cool. :)

Yep, that's probably what happened. I have seen this quite a few times.



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What wattage power adapter are you using? Sometimes the MacBook Pro's can be finicky and will only boot with an 85 watt adapter. See if you can find an 85 watt adapter and plug it in. I know it sounds crazy, but it works.


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Sorry for any confusion. This answer is to the original question for this thread.


Try removing your battery and starting. Run software update to see if you got it all. Press the button on your battery to check its charge and let us know your results.


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It wont start without the battery, the light on the power cable glows green though if inserted when the battery is removed.

Can't run a software update because I can't start the computer.

The battery is fully charged.

Disconnect the hard drive and try starting from your system installation disk, "C" key. Let me know if you get anything.

The dvd-drive is not powered, so I can't insert the installation disc, and even if I could I doubt that it would help since the problem must have something to do with the power supply.

If it's the hard drive, wouldn't the computer at least try to start itself up, and then fail when trying to access the hard drive? As I said, NOTHING happens when I press the power button, no lights go on, no fans start up, nothing.

I took a look inside yesterday and checked that all the connectors on the logic board were properly seated, and they all seemed fine.

To determine the wattage of your MagSafe charger look on the side of the adapter where the wall plug is located.


I had the same issue, and using the 85 watt adapter solved the problem!! THANKS MATT BARNES!


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I have the same problem I closed the kid on my MacBook Pro for a while to take a break then I came back on it and the screen is black I try force shutting it off that doesn't work So I try to plug it into my Charger it makes a beeping sound every 5 seconds and every time it beeps that light in the front of my computer shows I have a 85W adapter and it still won't work help plz


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Matt Barney I need help

(Grammar Errors) "when I closed the lid* on my MacBook Pro"

Luke - You have a RAM problem startup tones In addition - - For future reference you posted a Question in the place where only Answers belong. Please use the add comment link to the appropriate Answer, Question or you could create your original Question.



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