Laptop randomly restarting when left idle

Model FX550iu (not listed in products page)

Windows 10

Laptop randomly restarts when left idle or in sleep/hibernate mode. Once or twice, I watched it happen. The lights on the front (battery, HDD, power, etc, all flashed and the screen went black. It booted up as normal and after entering the password, it automatically opens all of the programs I had open. It's not installing updates, however, as I have automatic updates turned off and install them manually.

Steps I've taken already:

1. Downloaded CoreTemp, which shows highest temperature at 80 C during any given session. Never goes above that and most of the time, all CPU cores are clocking somewhere between 29 and 50 most of the time. Definitely not overheating.

2. Disabled automatic updates via services. No change in performance.

3. Updated and uninstalled/reinstalled video and monitor drivers. No change in performance.

4. Changed power and batter settings. First tried disabling sleep, screen off, and hibernate to no avail. Then I read that sometimes setting those values to never can cause problems, so I changed the settings to about 2 hours each. Still no dice.

5. Checked event logs and found the following message:

''The process c:\windows\system32\svchost.exe (LAPTOP-LJL24ARP) has initiated the restart of computer LAPTOP-LJL24ARP on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Operating System: Service pack (Planned)

Reason Code: 0x80020010

Shutdown Type: restart

Comment: ''

This was during the time the laptop was idle. However, with updates automatic updates disabled via services, I can't imagine why it would have restarted itself.

As of right now, I'm planning to monitor the laptop some more and see if I get a similar error in the near future, unless anyone has any other ideas. It seems like this happens at least 3-4 times a week now, and it figures it's happening more frequently just 3 days after the 1-year warranty expired. -_-

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Hi @jmuth561 ,

When was the last "service pack' installed? (This is opposed to just a regular update).

It may be that you have to go back and uninstall it and then re-install it again.

Check back to just before the problem started, e.g in Windows Updates > Update history or Control Panel > Programs and Features or even Event Viewer to see what happened regarding updates just before it first appeared.

Just a thought