New Trackpad and Trackpad Cable - Trackpad Works, Keyboard Doesn't

My 2015 Retina MacBook Pro 13" has a strange issue. When I first acquired it, the trackpad and keyboard didn't work but the keyboard did respond to pre-boot commands and power button.

First I replaced the trackpad cable but it didn't change anything.

Then, I bought a new trackpad and together with the new trackpad cable, voila-trackpad and keyboard are working again.

Thinking that everything was ok, I then resintalled the battery (previously I just reseated the battery for testing with out applying adhesive). Now the trackpad works perfectly but the keyboard doesn't work at login!

The power button, SMC, PRAM, all preboot sequences stiil work. But once I get to login screen, nothing from the keyboard. The keyboard does not work in recovery mode or safe mode, only preboot sequences.

Works fine with bluetooth keyboard.

I've already tried reseating connections, cleaning the connectors with isopropyl, SMC, and PRAM resets. I've also tried a fresh OS install but still the trackpad works but the keyboard doesn't. Again, we're talking about a brand new trackpad and trackpad cable.

Anybody have any ideas?

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