Charging issues when connected to charging dock

I've had my Garmin Vivoactive for almost a year. When I first got it to charge the battery life indicator on the screen would show a charge by moving the dark bar across from left to right indicating it's charging.

For about 2 months now it does not indicate it's charging by moving the darker portion of the battery life as it did before. I've left it connected overnight without it charging. I've cleaned the pins on the charging dock and the back of the watch. I have done 3 hard resets and reentered all the info. I've even shut it down completely before setting it on the charging dock. And lastly I've contacted Garmin who hasn't been much help. Their only advise is to update the software and reset it. Which I've done.

The battery will eventually recharge only after it's died completely. I do not like doing this as I don't know when it's going to die and then I end up not using it for the day.

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