This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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DS Lite won't turn back on after replacing bottom screen.

My son broke the bottom screen on his Nintendo DS Lite, not the touch screen, but the one that shows the images.

I followed instructions to replace it, tried to turn it back on, green LED light flickered a couple of times and now it does nothing when I tried to turn it on.

I opened device again and found out I had not connected the ribbon cables all the way in, fixed the issue, tried again but nothing. Device is dead.

Am I missing something? Or maybe it has nothing to do with re-assembly, but battery went bad after 3 months of sitting on a shelf before I finally decided to repair device? I'm trying all this while device is plugged-in but yellow LED light doesn't turn on either. I don't have a spare battery to try that option, I would have to go buy one.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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If the power light doesn't light at all (green one) and neither screen flashes when you attempt to power it on the fuse marked F2 by the battery terminal has blown. If the upper screen flashes but the lower one does not then the lower screen is not seated properly and visa versa. The dog ears on the ribbon cables need to be pushed in tight and squared with their socket. If you pay attention there is a white line on the motherboard. They need to be behind it and parallel with it. The black hinge that holds them in needs to be flat and straight, some times they pop out in the middle.


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Well... After searching for an answer online I found out that because the replacement screen I bought didn't have the rubber backing like the original screen, it blew a fuse. Which makes total sense with what you're saying (f2).

It really sucks because the tutorials I saw before attempting to replace the screen didn't mention anything about the screen backing. The one tutorial I found after blowing up the fuse did mention it and it was as easy as just covering the back with scotch tape to avoid the short circuit! Now I don't know what to do! Being a stained glass artist I know how to work with a soldering iron but I don't know anything about motherboards! :(

Thanks for your reply though. If you or anybody else has easy instructions on how to fix this new problem, I'm all ears! :S

To replace/bypass the fuse you will need a conical tip for your soldering iron or a silver trace pen from Radio Shack. I have circled where the fuse is in the following picture. Please use a layer of paper and 2 layers of electric tape on the bottom of the lower lcd to prevent it from shorting out again. If you aren't going to replace the fuse you can use the silver trace pen to connect the 2 metal ends of the fuse. If you are going to replace the fuse. I use a SMALL set of needle nose pliers to crush the old fuse. Removing the fuse with the middle intact just puts contaminates on your soldering tip. I then apply flux to the area and use a soldering iron to heat the metal ends of the fuse and a metal probe to move them from their position. Now you can buy a fuse form eBay or somewhere. I have run out of room here explaining how to repair this with the character limitations on the comments. My contact info is on my profile.

on your bottom screen get some electrical tape and cover the back of the screen, you have left it so the metal back of the screen is contacting the motherboard. common mistake.


try this

just to add that in repairing my son's ds (for the 3rd time!) i did the same thing! and i did put the black rubber piece in.. oh well. If I can do it I'm sure you'll be able to wield a soldering iron!!!


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pollytintop, I edited your answer and the link should be working now.


Just want to say thank you to the original answer, it solved my problem. Thumbs up from me


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I just shorted my motherboard because the new LCD didn't have insulation. I made two warnings (one at step 17, and the other at step 20) on the guide to ensure people check for insulation when replacing the lower LCD.


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