*NOT MY TV* HP OMEN 24.5" monitor screen broke- Backlight problem!

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Threw headphones at monitor. No too much force actually but apperantly enough to make lines and display jacked up. No cracks. I think it was damage to the backlight display from what ive read? Don't know where to go to repair it. Saw vids and I know A solution to fix it, may not be my problem but I'll do that if its not gonna make me buy a new one. My main thing is, I dont know where to buy a replacement backlight display for it! Can anyone help? Should I just call a tv repair guy haha? I think I could fix it if I got the parts though.

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@justbelikebrett it doesn't have to be cracked in appearance. Going by your description of events and your statement "to make lines" and "display jacked up. " it sure sounds like a broken LCD panel. You do want to go ahead and post some images of what your screen displays with your question. That way we can see what you see and either confirm my diagnosis or give you further advice to help you fixing it. Use this guide 在已经存在的问题里加入图片 for that.


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Thanks for replying. I edited images on my original post. I guess looking at it again, you can see the internal crack(I would guess its phrased) on the screen. I show a black screen to show no cracks and also to show that it shuts off after a few moments of display. Shows the screen, flickers off, shows it again, then stays off even we powered on.

@justbelikebrett there are no if's when's or but's about it. IT is a broken LCD. You will have to replace the screen.



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