Why can't my system see my battery and how do I fix it?


I'm new in all this Mac stuff, I just got an old 2012 it works fine when I got it, but now it only works with the power cable.

I have tried to reinstall the system software and I've tried another battery and a SMC reset but none of that works.

Is this a logic board that the problem and what will it cost?

What can i do?

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Lets get a bit more diagnostic data here. Did you run Diagnostics? Hold the D key when you restart the system. Reference Mac startup key combinations.

I would also install this great app: CoconutBattery Past a screenshot of the main window of the app so we can see whats the batteries condition and how its charging. Adding images to an existing question

Add to it what the onboard diagnostics told you for an error message.

Try following this and see if it helps you. The problem was nearly identical to yours.

MacBook not recognizing battery, not even in coconutbattery