Xbox one s controller same issue with both the left analog stick/dpad

got used controller from ebay, however the left analog stick and the dpad both register two clicks instead of one in every singe direction (up/down/left and right). Already tried cleaning the analog stick, both with rubing alcochol and compressed air, nothing changed, also bended the dpad bracket to be shure it presses the dpad correctly and still the same. my question is if someone faced this before, cause in my opinion the issue comes from the board itself since both the stick and the dpad are acting the exact same way, or am I wrong? I sure hope I am tho...

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I have the exact same issue except its the right thumbstick instead of the left, but the d-pad is messed up too like yours:( Just about to try looking up some youtube vids and take a crack at it but these particular symptoms seem a bit ominous...


Is it only when running on bluetooth? Have you tried different games? Just trying to narrow down a couple things before I tell you to dismantle and clean. There are several youtube videos that show you how to do different repairs. I haven't been able to confirm if one works better then another.


Never tried it wired before, yes I have tried different games...


I had a very similar issue. I took the controller apart and cleaned it and it, this fixed the d-pad issue completely and mostly fixed the drifting upward issue in the right thumbstick. There is still a small amount of very slow drift upward after about 3 seconds in that stick however, only fixed it about 90%. Useable I suppose but can’t seem to get rid of that last bit of drift. I’m fairly certain that the thumbstick module will need to be desoldered and replaced with a new one to fix this completely, but for now the controller is useable preventing the need to buy another one. I hope that helped, but it seems like you already tried what I did with no result. Good luck.